Going inside the bubble

How many earphones have you bought in your life? Yes those little things that are famous for getting tangled in your pockets, being forgotten virtually everywhere, making weird noises after using them on high levels for a while, truth is I personally hate them, however I’m their slave… After using the stock iPhone earphones  for a while they wore out and the quality became worse and worse. I can’t live without music. When I’m sad, bored, happy and basically at all times I’m singing or at least there’s music on my head. (more…)

Setting the Grounds

MacBook Pro before Korea

MacBook Pro before Korea

Before coming to Korea people often asked me why to do so. Its been 1.5 months since the journey started and I still haven’t figured out. Sometimes I like to think this journey will lead to something greater, but chances are it will not. I’m not scared if it doesn’t. Should I be? Every now and then this question circles my head. Is it hard to see everyone’s life kept on going while mine seems to be paused? -Yes it is, but at the same time I have given myself a chance must of us never give ourselves. The chance to let go everything and see what comes next…  (more…)

The beginning

Today its a great day for blog.filoteum.com Today its born.

This blog will include the insights of my thoughts and the findings while walking on this trip  we call life. (You’ll find these on the Life section). Also I’ll start documenting the “adventures” of my past voyages (You’ll start finding these among the Travel button on the menu)

The idea of making a blog isn’t new but i have never had given myself the time to do it, today I’m doing, or at least I’ll try.

So welcome to these pages.