Tacos @ Taco Rico

Tacos (Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Avocado)


After wondering several times around Seoul, reading countless blogs, and even asked former Mexicans living in Korea I have found (with some help from korean friend) “the golden chest at the end of the rainbow”, that is: Real Mexican Food!

Located in the Gangnam area lies Taco Rico, I don’t know the details or history of the place, but when have my guts have cared about that in respect of food… Never! (more…)

Sweet Grape

Sunny 10

Sunny 10

Convenience stores all over Seoul and I promise I’ll write about them later. For now I’ll talk about the Sunny Ten. It is a grape flavor soda sold at the convenience store near campus. It taste the same as “Joya de Uva”. Whats the deal about this, well as you can see it has the Asian can size (250ml). For “heavy” drinkers like me this means 3 sips. Its only 500 KRW. The special thing about this is that I get them for free. There are several combos at the convenience store and if you buy a sandwich (bbq, or chicken? salad) you’ll get one of these.

Its been my dinner for several days now. Usually dinner at a regular restaurant will go form 12,000-7,500 KRW. The price of the sandwich and soda ? -Just 1,500 KRW so its quite cheap and the gas will fill out my stomach for a while.

Just to show off my new korean skills those korean letters above the number ten say “soh-ni-tean”  All english word that are used in korean are translated to what I been called “closest sound” in this case I think I think they did a good job. You should have seen the face of my teacher when I asked her to translate Monterrey…

Cheap Sushi

Homeplus' Sushi

Sushi for the masses; hungry masses

I haven’t posted a lot regarding food :S and I have been to some delicious places; however today’s post is more economical than delicious. The other day I went to homeplus and make a quick turn to the sushi parlor this is what i found out. (more…)

The Art of Noodles

Shin Soup
Shin Soup

Korean Ramen Soup

Korea is the mother of all instant foods (or at least soups). When I go to the supermarket I can find nearly 2 corridors of instant soup. It hilarious! and also really cheap! I found them delicious (so far…) and really nice to eat in these winter times (you have to boil water so hot soup is really nice). Anyway my favorite is Shin soup I had tried it several times before coming to Korea. (more…)

Champion’s Breakfast

Frosted Flakes
Frosted Flakes (Zucaritas)

Champion's breakfast

So after a few days I went to a Korean convenience store called FamilyMart.

I was originally looking for Choco Krispies but couldn’t find any (Maybe korean don’t like chocolate elephant…) Anyway I took the frosted flakes.

When I arrived to my rooms I made 2 major discoveries:

  1. It is not made 100% of corn as you can read on the package. I may not recall correctly but I’m almost certain they are 100% corn back in Monterrey (I hope someone can confirm on this one).
  2. Tony ( the tiger) or Tigre Toño (in Spanish). Is also called Toni in korean version as you can see on his red bandoleer scarf.

They taste the same. are a bit expensive but I can’t remember exactly how much (they are also a bit expensive back home so maybe they are about the same).