Going inside the bubble

How many earphones have you bought in your life? Yes those little things that are famous for getting tangled in your pockets, being forgotten virtually everywhere, making weird noises after using them on high levels for a while, truth is I personally hate them, however I’m their slave… After using the stock iPhone earphones  for a while they wore out and the quality became worse and worse. I can’t live without music. When I’m sad, bored, happy and basically at all times I’m singing or at least there’s music on my head. (more…)

2012 London Olympics Soccer Mexico

While in Korea summer came and with it the 2012 London olympic games. For a couple of weeks there where soccer games and as a good Mexican I had to support my team. The tournaments match line up couldn’t be better special being in Korea and having lots of Japanese friends. (more…)

Ultra Music Festival UMF @ Korea 2012

One thing is for sure, and that is that life wouldn’t be the same without music. Certainly my trip in Korea has been full of it. This year has been a comeback for me to the electronic scenes. First going to the World Dj Festival followed by a weekly dose of clubs and now with UMF. We got our tickets way early since we wanted to make sure we would get them. In Korea there is a usual practice of selling tickets in batches, and tickets for big events like this one “fly”. Anyway we got our tickets, the venue Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. The line-up was amazing (Just look at the flyer :D). Two days of electronic music banging our ears.  (more…)

Everland (에버랜드)

Taking advantage of a school holiday the KLI girls and I decided to go and take a ride to Everland. This is the biggest theme park in Korea and its located close enough to Seoul that it is possible to go and come on the same day. One bus away (long ride though) from the Gangnam bus stop you’ll get easily there. (more…)

Baseball @ Jamsil Stadium (야구@잠실)

Saturday afternoon, inside the subway you can see many people and kids in company of their dads wearing their caps and team shirts; Its baseball day at Jamsil Stadium. Located near the Sport Complex subway station lies Jamsil Stadium just next to the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Home of the LG Twins and Doosan Bears. This stadium can hold 30,265 fans and by the time we got in was almost full.


Jeongseon (정선)

On the weekend I was invited by one of my friends for a trip to Jeongseon. I was glad to accept. We left Seoul Saturday at about 9 am. The highway on the outskirts of Seoul was packed as expected. The trip will include some sight seeing, with caves, “skywalks”, waterfall, some unique korean food and of course bbq and soju. (more…)

Lotte World (롯데월드)

Lotte World is a theme park owned by the Lotte Company. You see Korea is virtually owned by 3-5 companies. One of them is Lotte. Don´t believe me, well lets say many of the products found in convenience stores are made or traded by Lotte. The company even has its own fast food restaurants named after the company!!! (The famous Lotteria) Back to the theme park, it is conveniently located next to the Jamsil subway station. From the subway station take exit 4 you’ll first encounter the shopping mall. Yes one of the amazing, great, and sometimes sad things of Korea is that you can spend a whole life without even seeing daylight. Once you are inside the shopping mall (which also hosts a skating ring) you’ll be able to find the entrance to Lotte World.  (more…)

World DJ Festival 6 @ YangPyeong

I had the opportunity to visit the World DJ Festival in its 6 edition celebrated in Yanpyeong on May. This festival brings some of the top DJs in the world to Korea on a 2 day trip deep into house, trance, hip hop and rock. Most of the audience is comprised by young Seoulites; none the less there is a large number of foreigns enjoying the festival as well. The festival is held in a Sport Complex which basically is a big vast flat green area, perfect for a rave. My experience on the festival was great, the atmosphere is incredible and most of the people attending are cool and friendly.  (more…)

Naksan Park (낙산 공원)

Naksan Park is located in Seoul near the Jejua subway station. After going out from the station you’ll will have to walk a couple of blocks in order to start the steep ascension into the park. The view from the park is quite pleasant however the real attraction of the place are the streets and alleys just before the park. In the streets you’ll find painting on the walls of the houses. It is not weird to find Seoulites taking pictures of the paintings and surroundings.




Seoul Friendship Festival 2012

Every year The Seoul Friendship Festival is held downtown Seoul. This festival gathers different musical and dancing groups from all over the world in a 3 day international party. During those days koreans and the expat communities can enjoy of different dancing, musical and exhibition performances for free held on the stage at City Hall subway station. (more…)