A visit to the pharmacy 약국 @ Sinchon

Korean Cold Medicine

Korean Cold Medicine

Seoul weather is crazy. One day its hot and the next day cold, rainy and  crazy windy. After so many weather changes and because of the lack of sleep and proper alimentation my body has finally given up. I caught a cold.

All proper medication was left at home, so my only chance was to get some medicine in Korea. Thanks to the help of a friend I figured out how to ask for the needed pills “감기약”. So my adventure to get them started.  (more…)

Setting the Grounds

MacBook Pro before Korea

MacBook Pro before Korea

Before coming to Korea people often asked me why to do so. Its been 1.5 months since the journey started and I still haven’t figured out. Sometimes I like to think this journey will lead to something greater, but chances are it will not. I’m not scared if it doesn’t. Should I be? Every now and then this question circles my head. Is it hard to see everyone’s life kept on going while mine seems to be paused? -Yes it is, but at the same time I have given myself a chance must of us never give ourselves. The chance to let go everything and see what comes next…  (more…)

Ice-cream Waffle on the street @ Seoul

Waffle + Strawberry Ice-cream

Waffle + Strawberry Ice-cream

Korea is a trend culture, what works one day won’t do other. They told me bubble tea was hot some time ago but nowadays I can barely see someone having one of those.

It seems that waffles are the thing. An not any waffle but ice-cream stuffed waffles. Walking around Seoul I have found them everywhere. (more…)

A cup of coffee in a dog friendly cafe @ Second Cup

Second Cup Cafe

Second Cup Cafe @ Apgujeong

I never had a chance to have a dog of my own. I like them, however I had never quite understand that bond people often do with their pets. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had pets in the past but never conventional ones (parrot, turtles, iguana). And people always talk about the affection between them and their dogs. Well imagine putting together Dogs+Coffee in a nice relaxed setting… (more…)

A trip to the 노래방 (Karaoke) @ Hongdae

Singing at the karaoke

Warmin up the vocals

One of the first things a westerners notice when coming to Asia are the massive amount of karaokes all over the place. From my past trips I found about HK, China, Japan having them just to name a few. Korea is no exception and karaoke parlors are known as 노래방 (Noreabang). There are many and from a wide price range. Most of them will include some snacks and beer. Rent goes by the hour.  (more…)

Moving Korean style

Korean Moving CraneKorean moving crane

Easy way to get your stuff into your apartment

Today I went for a little walk. While I was going down the sidewalk I found a tow crane on my path. Upon further inspection I was able to see that it was set in such a way that an elevator will carry a load up to the exterior window of an apartment. Then I saw a pair of men loading a mattress and a bunch of boxes and then I realized that since mattresses are bigger than some elevators getting them inside must be a hassle. Anyway I wonder if they do the same with taller buildings. For me its the first time to see something like this (Moving stuff to a new apartment using a crane).