Going inside the bubble

How many earphones have you bought in your life? Yes those little things that are famous for getting tangled in your pockets, being forgotten virtually everywhere, making weird noises after using them on high levels for a while, truth is I personally hate them, however I’m their slave… After using the stock iPhone earphones  for a while they wore out and the quality became worse and worse. I can’t live without music. When I’m sad, bored, happy and basically at all times I’m singing or at least there’s music on my head.So I decided to buy a new pair, I was willing to pay a little bit more than the average sony

or standard earphones since I wanted something that will last even when used constantly

at high levels.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune since they are earphones so chances are they will get lost, broken or something in a short time. Anyway. those beats by Dre etc where out of my price range since they are just too expensive for what they are and I would rather buy a Bose, Seinnheiser or whatever is “pro” these days. So there I am spending hard earned money on earphones. idAmerica is the brand and while I have never heard of it before they seemed good enough, quality is better than the stock iPhone’s earphone so I was happy with the change, since they are inner ear earphones Its easy to carry them around and not bulky. Anyway I have to admit I give my earphones a rough life, constantly hearing music at loud levels and going to sleep with them in my pockets it was bound to happen.

On a given day (after couple of months) the broke. They where still functional the plastic structure that holds then in the ear just unglued, so it was easy to repair them however I was to lazy so after 2 weeks of just using them anyways one day I take them out of my pocket and the speaker literally split from the enclosure. I was mad I couldn’t believe it. Anyway my inner electronic self told me “you are not spending more money on earphones-well at least for a couple of years…”So I did the only thing left to do… repair them. So I went to my universities student union and got myself an iron, bought some super glue at the same place and started operation “comeback”. The result was good the speaker was re-solded, the case re-glued and no problems so far. The total cost of repair was around 15 USD. and now I have an iron and super glue for any other needs….

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