Setting the Grounds

MacBook Pro before Korea

MacBook Pro before Korea

Before coming to Korea people often asked me why to do so. Its been 1.5 months since the journey started and I still haven’t figured out. Sometimes I like to think this journey will lead to something greater, but chances are it will not. I’m not scared if it doesn’t. Should I be? Every now and then this question circles my head. Is it hard to see everyone’s life kept on going while mine seems to be paused? -Yes it is, but at the same time I have given myself a chance must of us never give ourselves. The chance to let go everything and see what comes next… Its easy to get lost when a projects are long (yes I consider this journey thing a project. (I will post my mental map of coming to Korea later on….)) because of that I have decided to “write some goals in stone”.

  1. Learn Korean -> I consider important to be able to communicate efficiently.
  2. Study for GRE/GMAT -> As time passes it becomes more difficult to overcome laziness and study. Because of this I should take GRE/GMAT no later than September.
  3. Upon receiving GRE/GMAT scores. Apply (once more) to 2 Korean U. and 2 other U. for graduate program.
  4. Have fun. If I have come this far to do what I want then I should make the best of this trip.

So far thats it. With this goals in mind I must stop procrastinating and start becoming more productive !!!

MacBook Pro before Korea

MacBook Pro after Korea

Just a side note. I been struggling to retain all the vocabulary that I’m supposed to. In a further effort to practice I wanted to get a korean keyboard so I’m able to type faster and become less frustrated. Keyboard where not expensive but when I found this stickers (3,000 KRW which is 5 times cheaper than the cheapest keyboard)I thought it would be a nice addition so I cut them accordingly so my keyboard keys still light (:D).

Time to do some korean typing baby!!!

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