The Pursuit of Happiness

A few months ago I found myself arguing on the dinner table about happiness and how most of the people lived their lives.

I was arguing how its possible to live without any intermediate goals and still be driven to success (being happy), while my friend argued that without milestones two things will happen:

  • We’ll lose our track, making achieving our main goal impossible
  • Since we couldn’t keep track of our “progress” we wouldn’t be motivated enough to accomplish our final task. Motivation will occur and we’ll fall into deception.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about that discussion. My main point is that one way or the other the main goal of our lives is being happy, but being happy is not something we could achieve by completing our milestones but realizing we where already “there” all the time (“there” being happy). More less kind of similar to the speech that its not in the end of the road where we will get the answer but in the path itself.

An example of this is like when during our school years we are always told that our elementary, or high school years are the best of our lives, but we don’t realize how happy we were until years have passed away and now we taste the bitter of a more responsible life.

Following this “logic” I assumed that the milestones in question where nothing but a mere distraction from our goal, something to entertain our minds and tell ourselves that everything is going to be alright and that what we are currently doing is going to lead us to our final goal.

The pursuit of happiness will reveal that we have been happy all this time without even knowing it…


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