World DJ Festival 6 @ YangPyeong

I had the opportunity to visit the World DJ Festival in its 6 edition celebrated in Yanpyeong on May. This festival brings some of the top DJs in the world to Korea on a 2 day trip deep into house, trance, hip hop and rock. Most of the audience is comprised by young Seoulites; none the less there is a large number of foreigns enjoying the festival as well. The festival is held in a Sport Complex which basically is a big vast flat green area, perfect for a rave. My experience on the festival was great, the atmosphere is incredible and most of the people attending are cool and friendly.  (more…)

Naksan Park (낙산 공원)

Naksan Park is located in Seoul near the Jejua subway station. After going out from the station you’ll will have to walk a couple of blocks in order to start the steep ascension into the park. The view from the park is quite pleasant however the real attraction of the place are the streets and alleys just before the park. In the streets you’ll find painting on the walls of the houses. It is not weird to find Seoulites taking pictures of the paintings and surroundings.




Akaraka 2012 @ Yonsei

Every year in March the Akaraka festival is held at Yonsei Univeristy. During Akaraka the University campus will fill with boots where student associations will sell food, drinks, and other random stuff. Several stages will be set where student bands will perform covers and songs of their own. In these stages also different groups of girls will do lip singing of some of the most popular k-pop songs while showing their korean dancing skills. (more…)

Seoul Friendship Festival 2012

Every year The Seoul Friendship Festival is held downtown Seoul. This festival gathers different musical and dancing groups from all over the world in a 3 day international party. During those days koreans and the expat communities can enjoy of different dancing, musical and exhibition performances for free held on the stage at City Hall subway station. (more…)

A visit to the pharmacy 약국 @ Sinchon

Korean Cold Medicine

Korean Cold Medicine

Seoul weather is crazy. One day its hot and the next day cold, rainy and  crazy windy. After so many weather changes and because of the lack of sleep and proper alimentation my body has finally given up. I caught a cold.

All proper medication was left at home, so my only chance was to get some medicine in Korea. Thanks to the help of a friend I figured out how to ask for the needed pills “감기약”. So my adventure to get them started.  (more…)

Vocabulary @ Yonsei KLI

Studying for Vocabulary test

Studying for Vocabulary test

It’s been a wild ride since the beginning of these 4 weeks at the Yonsei regular program. I’ll be elaborating on the program as I can but at this time I’ll talk specifically about how we learn vocabulary.

Vocabulary is the foundation of most languages. Think of vocabulary as knowing the meaning, sound, and writing of the word/idea.

For the beginner in any language one of the first problems to overcome is learning a whole new set of words for that new language. How can you learn the grammar when you don’t know the words to write? Here in Yonsei the students start learning vocabulary right after a phonetics introduction (about day 3). Book lessons usually include 2 or 3 sets of grammar rules and 10-15 core vocabulary words. The pace at the program is quite fast as every week a student is required to learn 100-120 words, besides the grammar rules. (more…)

Dinning like a student @ Yonsei University

Cheap Dinner

Cheap Dinner

Often I make fun of myself and my “new” student life. being abroad without a job and on a tight budget has make me to cut on some expenses. Specifically on dinner time. The rule works pretty much like saving money on weekdays and spending it on weekends.

The nearest and cheapest source of food from Yonsei KLI is the convenience store outside campus.

I’ll make a full article on Korean convenience store later on but for the time being you only need to know the following: many of them everywhere, 24/7, “cheap”…  (more…)

Setting the Grounds

MacBook Pro before Korea

MacBook Pro before Korea

Before coming to Korea people often asked me why to do so. Its been 1.5 months since the journey started and I still haven’t figured out. Sometimes I like to think this journey will lead to something greater, but chances are it will not. I’m not scared if it doesn’t. Should I be? Every now and then this question circles my head. Is it hard to see everyone’s life kept on going while mine seems to be paused? -Yes it is, but at the same time I have given myself a chance must of us never give ourselves. The chance to let go everything and see what comes next…  (more…)

Beef burrito @ Choi’s Tacos

Choi's Tacos @ Sinchon

Choi's Tacos @ Sinchon

Oops I did it again…

After several weeks of wandering Sinchon’s surroundings I have found another Mexican restaurant. This time is really close to Yonsei University which implies I would become a frequent customer soon… Today I’ll be talking about Choi’s Tacos, a Tex-Mex restaurant located just a couple of blocks away from Sinchon subway station.

It is a small sized, but cozy restaurant. There are no tables but a bar that goes around the place (just like some original “Taquerias”(Taco place) back home) . The walls are decorated with Mexican motives. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and student like.  (more…)