Ice-cream Waffle on the street @ Seoul

Waffle + Strawberry Ice-cream

Waffle + Strawberry Ice-cream

Korea is a trend culture, what works one day won’t do other. They told me bubble tea was hot some time ago but nowadays I can barely see someone having one of those.

It seems that waffles are the thing. An not any waffle but ice-cream stuffed waffles. Walking around Seoul I have found them everywhere. (more…)

Spicy Chicken Fried Rice @ Han’s Deli

Spicy Chicken Fried Rice @ Han's Deli

Spicy Chicken Fried Rice @ Han's Deli

Hans Deli is a restaurant located on the second floor of a building near de Severance Hospital in Sinchon, Seoul. This place is quite big, however its good prices and regular-good food makes it a favorite among students. Day by day we found the challenge to find a delicious place to it. So we have taken in our hand to find a delicious place while taking care of our student sized pockets.  (more…)

Tandoori Chicken @ Ganga


Ganga Cuisine from India

You never go wrong with Indian food. At least not me. I have found that a lot of Indian meals are quite similar to Mexican counterparts. Specially when talking about the way they roast chicken and make that delicious “bread” you get to eat at the table. They even got some crazy hot dishes and food is always spicy.

After the experience at Second Cup Cafe and a couple hours of hards studying we decided to go somewhere else to pleasure ourselves with a delicious dinner. Since we where near Apujeong station in Seoul we decided to go to Ganga and Indian restaurant located in the second floor of a building. (more…)

A cup of coffee in a dog friendly cafe @ Second Cup

Second Cup Cafe

Second Cup Cafe @ Apgujeong

I never had a chance to have a dog of my own. I like them, however I had never quite understand that bond people often do with their pets. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had pets in the past but never conventional ones (parrot, turtles, iguana). And people always talk about the affection between them and their dogs. Well imagine putting together Dogs+Coffee in a nice relaxed setting… (more…)

Yonsei KLI: The first week

Yonsei KLI Korean Language Course Level 1 Books

Yonsei KLI Korean Language Course Level 1 Books

The first week is over. It went by so fast, one week ago I had just a couple of days in the dorm and now its been a whole week. On last Monday (Apr,2) I went to the KLI building (just a couple of steps from my current dorm), and met my classmates. The group is formed by 6 japanese girls, 2 chinese (a girl and boy), 1 american, 1 indian, 1 sweden (a girl), and me the only Mexican in the group.

Group interaction is nice and everyone its a little bit shy first, but will answer any questions made to them friendly. Some of the non-american classmates can’t speak fluent english so its difficult to interact with them at break time.  (more…)

A trip to the 노래방 (Karaoke) @ Hongdae

Singing at the karaoke

Warmin up the vocals

One of the first things a westerners notice when coming to Asia are the massive amount of karaokes all over the place. From my past trips I found about HK, China, Japan having them just to name a few. Korea is no exception and karaoke parlors are known as 노래방 (Noreabang). There are many and from a wide price range. Most of them will include some snacks and beer. Rent goes by the hour.  (more…)

Fire Fried Chicken @ Noo Na Hol Dak

Where the fire chicken lies.

Where the fire chicken lies.

Last friday was our first friday night out (Yonsei KlI students). After a long week of hard work sharpening our Korean skills we decided to hit up the streets of Hongdae. Located within a couple block from the Hongik Univ. Station is located Noo Na Hol Dak a 3 story restaurant.

The speciality of the house is a wide variety of fried chicken. Since we where a large group we managed to order 4 kinds of fried chicken with different level of hotness.

  1. Fried chicken
  2. Fried chicken (with Garlic)
  3. Some kind of sweet and sour chicken
  4. Hot sweet and sour chicken


Pork Soup @ Shin Dubu House

Shin Dubu HouseThis is Shin Dubu House, a restaurant located in the basement of a building located near the subway station in Sinchon. The atmosphere its quite comfortable theres music playing in the background. The food was excellent. I ordered Pork soup (I hope to get the name later and post it here). As with most korean food they will bring you a bunch of things to eat with the main course free of charge. Also rice is provided as usual but I liked the fact that it came in the stone container (I need to learn this terms so bad…) Anyway the soup consisted of tofu,pork, and bunch of other thinks I dont know names for jajaja. Price was really good about 8,000 KRW for the whole set. (more…)