Champion’s Breakfast

Frosted Flakes
Frosted Flakes (Zucaritas)

Champion's breakfast

So after a few days I went to a Korean convenience store called FamilyMart.

I was originally looking for Choco Krispies but couldn’t find any (Maybe korean don’t like chocolate elephant…) Anyway I took the frosted flakes.

When I arrived to my rooms I made 2 major discoveries:

  1. It is not made 100% of corn as you can read on the package. I may not recall correctly but I’m almost certain they are 100% corn back in Monterrey (I hope someone can confirm on this one).
  2. Tony ( the tiger) or Tigre Toño (in Spanish). Is also called Toni in korean version as you can see on his red bandoleer scarf.

They taste the same. are a bit expensive but I can’t remember exactly how much (they are also a bit expensive back home so maybe they are about the same).