World DJ Festival 6 @ YangPyeong

I had the opportunity to visit the World DJ Festival in its 6 edition celebrated in Yanpyeong on May. This festival brings some of the top DJs in the world to Korea on a 2 day trip deep into house, trance, hip hop and rock. Most of the audience is comprised by young Seoulites; none the less there is a large number of foreigns enjoying the festival as well. The festival is held in a Sport Complex which basically is a big vast flat green area, perfect for a rave. My experience on the festival was great, the atmosphere is incredible and most of the people attending are cool and friendly.  (more…)

Akaraka 2012 @ Yonsei

Every year in March the Akaraka festival is held at Yonsei Univeristy. During Akaraka the University campus will fill with boots where student associations will sell food, drinks, and other random stuff. Several stages will be set where student bands will perform covers and songs of their own. In these stages also different groups of girls will do lip singing of some of the most popular k-pop songs while showing their korean dancing skills. (more…)

Seoul Friendship Festival 2012

Every year The Seoul Friendship Festival is held downtown Seoul. This festival gathers different musical and dancing groups from all over the world in a 3 day international party. During those days koreans and the expat communities can enjoy of different dancing, musical and exhibition performances for free held on the stage at City Hall subway station. (more…)