2012 London Olympics Soccer Mexico

While in Korea summer came and with it the 2012 London olympic games. For a couple of weeks there where soccer games and as a good Mexican I had to support my team. The tournaments match line up couldn’t be better special being in Korea and having lots of Japanese friends. (more…)

Beef burrito @ Choi’s Tacos

Choi's Tacos @ Sinchon

Choi's Tacos @ Sinchon

Oops I did it again…

After several weeks of wandering Sinchon’s surroundings I have found another Mexican restaurant. This time is really close to Yonsei University which implies I would become a frequent customer soon… Today I’ll be talking about Choi’s Tacos, a Tex-Mex restaurant located just a couple of blocks away from Sinchon subway station.

It is a small sized, but cozy restaurant. There are no tables but a bar that goes around the place (just like some original “Taquerias”(Taco place) back home) . The walls are decorated with Mexican motives. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and student like.  (more…)

Tacos @ Taco Rico

Tacos (Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Avocado)


After wondering several times around Seoul, reading countless blogs, and even asked former Mexicans living in Korea I have found (with some help from korean friend) “the golden chest at the end of the rainbow”, that is: Real Mexican Food!

Located in the Gangnam area lies Taco Rico, I don’t know the details or history of the place, but when have my guts have cared about that in respect of food… Never! (more…)