A cup of coffee in a dog friendly cafe @ Second Cup

Second Cup Cafe

Second Cup Cafe @ Apgujeong

I never had a chance to have a dog of my own. I like them, however I had never quite understand that bond people often do with their pets. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had pets in the past but never conventional ones (parrot, turtles, iguana). And people always talk about the affection between them and their dogs. Well imagine putting together Dogs+Coffee in a nice relaxed setting…This post is dedicated to those persons as I recently have found out about dog cafes in Korea. I don’t know how popular this places are or if you can find them in other countries (perhaps somewhere in Europe) but it seems they are no uncommon in Korea.

Dog cafes are places where people can go to have some snacks an coffee. The special thing about these places is that you can actually go there with your dog (I have no idea weather cats are allowed). Your dog will be able to wonder freely around the place and “socialize” with other customers pets. If you don’t have a dog don’t worry you can probably pet someone else’s dog while they are having a couple of words with someone.

Cute resident puppies!

Mother and daughter

Since having a dog in Korea might be difficult because of the small life space on appartment housing, if you want to give your kid an opportunity to enjoy some “dog time” without having to go trough all the implications of actually owning one this might be a really good option. The cafe usually owns a couple of dogs and have them run around the place.


Among other amenities this places offer are:

  • Dog hotel (they can take care of your dog ie. business trip).
  • Dog shower (this differs among places in some they’ll do it for you in other they will just provide the place to do it).
  • Pet shop (food, leashes, etc…).
  • Veterinary.

Now its time to talk of Second Cup. This cafe is located a couple of blocks away from theĀ Apgujeong subway station. Its a really nice place it house several “resident” dogs. The place is really clean. It has a wide variety of drinks and even some delicious meals. this time I only had a strawberry juice which I really enjoyed.

I thought a dog cafe will be madness; just picture a coffee shop with running dogs all over, but I have found that most dogs will actually behave nice most of the time. We where there a couple of hours and I only heard barking a couple of times. The thing is most people that do actually own a dog have a small or medium size dog so they don’t do much trouble. At the end of the day I think I have changed my mind about dogs cafe (or at least this one…).

Resident puppies and me

Drinking coffee with puppies like a Sir

Who can deny something to this little pair of doggies !!!

I found out korean dogs also love me. They even love more my bag and did their best effort to sleep inside it.

“When handling a cup, always do it like a sir…”

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