Cheap Sushi

Homeplus' Sushi

Sushi for the masses; hungry masses

I haven’t posted a lot regarding food :S and I have been to some delicious places; however today’s post is more economical than delicious. The other day I went to homeplus and make a quick turn to the sushi parlor this is what i found out.I found out than they sale about 10 types of nigiri, the most common ones so no need to explain, and all of them cost 700 won (about .50 US) piece. so you can pick any you like and put them on a black cardboard box and then the lady will weight them and print out a sticker with the price. So I chose to try: salmon, octopus, crab, and another that I can’t recall. Basically I packed 20 pieces of sushi 😀 !!! Once I started to eat them I found out they aren’t bad, however they where fat from great sushi. I have a mixed feeling about them jajaja, but for that price I don’t think I can argue. So in conclusion if you are very hungry and short of money Homeplus its the deal if you can’t find other non-expensive sushi around. Great now I’m hungry.

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