Fire Fried Chicken @ Noo Na Hol Dak

Where the fire chicken lies.

Where the fire chicken lies.

Last friday was our first friday night out (Yonsei KlI students). After a long week of hard work sharpening our Korean skills we decided to hit up the streets of Hongdae. Located within a couple block from the Hongik Univ. Station is located Noo Na Hol Dak a 3 story restaurant.

The speciality of the house is a wide variety of fried chicken. Since we where a large group we managed to order 4 kinds of fried chicken with different level of hotness.

  1. Fried chicken
  2. Fried chicken (with Garlic)
  3. Some kind of sweet and sour chicken
  4. Hot sweet and sour chicken

I can’t confirm the real names of what we ordered. Though all of them were good. To cool things down we also order several huge pitchers of Cass (Korean beer). I really liked the fact that the “Hot sweet and sour chicken” wasn’t hot at first (lets say time of tasting it after a bite. But after a minute or so you could feel the hotness building up on your tongue.

Fried Chicken and Cass

We where located on the upper level terrace (the blue spot on the picture) which because of the weather had to be closed. The ambient was relaxed and some groups even went there to celebrate someones birthday (so we got to do the clapping korean birthday thing).

Big Cass Pitcher

A picture of myself “kissing” the pitcher. It was a perfect place to start the night. Later on we’ll move to a bar and then hop to a (노래방) or Karaoke, but that will come later.

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