Tandoori Chicken @ Ganga


Ganga Cuisine from India

You never go wrong with Indian food. At least not me. I have found that a lot of Indian meals are quite similar to Mexican counterparts. Specially when talking about the way they roast chicken and make that delicious “bread” you get to eat at the table. They even got some crazy hot dishes and food is always spicy.

After the experience at Second Cup Cafe and a couple hours of hards studying we decided to go somewhere else to pleasure ourselves with a delicious dinner. Since we where near Apujeong station in Seoul we decided to go to Ganga and Indian restaurant located in the second floor of a building.I must not judge a restaurant by the looks on the outside, a golden rule I have learned in Asia since my first trip to this continent. On the outside Ganga just poses as another restaurant with nothing to be exited about. However, once inside the restaurant is pretty big (on korean standards) and the atmosphere is quite pleasant. All the walls are themed with Indian arts. Chair even have comfortable Indian pillows to seat on. A quickly peak to the inside of the kitchen and I was able to see several indian chefs preparing dishes. Ganga is a little bit pricy (not too much since we actually ordered a whole bunch of food including the delicious Mango Lassi, which is a sweet mango drink that its just amazing to drink). So with the quality and amenities of course I was expecting the price to go over the usual “student” budget.

Going Back to the food we ordered several things. The banquet started with the traditional “Samosa”. A stuffed deep fried snack (In mexican a half breed between empanada and ravioles just fried and with a slim crust) mine was chicken and was ok.

Tandoori Chicken @ Ganga

Tandoori Chicken @ Ganga

After the samosa the main course came. I started with the Tandoori chicken. Tandoori chicken is practically just a roast chicken with spices. usually is a little bit hot but this time I would give a 2 on my 10 hot scale. however it is rich in flavor. Picture a mexican chicken cooked with achiote but instead of vapor, roasted and add just a bit of spiciness and you’ll know what I’m talking about. This was excellent, the chicken was well cooked but at the same time tender. Occasionally I will add a couple of lemon drops and wrap it around the “Naan” (Indian bread) and eat it. Delicious.

As complements to the Tandoori we ordered some Chicken “tikka masala” which is chicken bathed in masala sauce (orange like chili paste often cooked with other spices). The flavor was also good and I enjoyed eating it as well. Food was so go that there were no leftovers. I kept my mango lassi for dessert and it was a perfect idea.

I urge you to go to your nearest Indian restaurant and try some of their dishes. you can’t go wrong.


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