The size does matter…

Find out why…Back home I usually don’t buy chips, everyone knows how bad for your health they are. On this trip to Korea I came with a bottle of Salsabritas Chamoy (Chamoy sauce; this kind of salsa is actually not really hot but kind of sweet with a punch of lemon sour) and some Chile Tajin bottles. I haven’t many snacks or food that I would like to dress with this salsa, because of this lately I been buying small sized chips. I know chips have become more expensive in the las couple of years (I can’t really understand why…) a small bag of chips will be 1,500 KRW at least which I think for being just chips its a lot. The other day I was about to stream HBO’s Game of thrones and I thought I might enjoy some snacks while viewing it. So I went to the convenience store here on campus and found out they sell Pringles. I love Pringles actually they are few of the snacks that I can stop eating after opening the can, they are just amazing. Anyway Pringles have always been more expensive than chips so I expected to pay more. The can was a Pringles standard size.

The surprise came when I was back in room and started watching the series. When I opened the can I couldn’t find my std. size Pringles chips, but instead a micro version of them I was mad, why would they reduce the size of the chips and not the size of the can, this can only mean something. DECEPTION. The shame was on me of course I could read the weight of the chips and that should let me know something was tricky but come on no one reads the grams on a can of Pringles!

In the end they tasted just as good as any other Pringles chips I have had before, and with slasabritas and some Tajin powder I watch The Game of Thrones with a happy stomach.

Micro Pringles

Pringles: Y U NO BIGGER !!!

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