Akaraka 2012 @ Yonsei

Every year in March the Akaraka festival is held at Yonsei Univeristy. During Akaraka the University campus will fill with boots where student associations will sell food, drinks, and other random stuff. Several stages will be set where student bands will perform covers and songs of their own. In these stages also different groups of girls will do lip singing of some of the most popular k-pop songs while showing their korean dancing skills.The culmination (and main event) is held in the outdoor amphitheater where a huge stage is mounted. the main event starts in the afternoon (4-6 pm) and last past 11 pm. Several times during the event some “Yonsei songs” are played. It is really shocking to realize that most of the students know all of them. The hundreds (if not thousands) of students congregated will explode singing and dancing to these songs. During the night there will be both a fireworks and laser show. During the event several famous K stars are presented and will sing some of their songs for about 45 mins each.

On the down side. We the international students where displaced over and over again by the local students. It seems that each student group has a reserved space to seat during the show. However the space “provided” for the exchange/KLI students was all the way on the back. In my case this was non-important as I’m not really a fan of the artists that performed however it feels awkward.

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