Getting the right VISA

I was planning to go to Korea for over 6 months, usually Mexicans (and many other countries) can enter Korea without any visa as long as a valid passport is presented at the airport. However doing so only allows you to be 90 days. To avoid unnecessary travel I decided that my best option will be getting the right Visa.

The D-4 (or General Training) VISA is a document that can be renewed within Korea, and after 6 months it is possible to apply for a part time job. So this was the best option to go. The only drawback is that in order to apply for the VISA I had to pay 2 language courses upfront (6 months of language training).

So after paying the tuition, I had to go to Mexico City because only there lies a Korean Consulate within the country. Getting to the consulate was just a matter of a metro ride and some heavy walking (I had spare time and low-budget).

The documents to present where simply:

  • Admission certificate
  • Passport
  • Visa request form
  • Bank Statement
  • Flight arrangements
  • Money (around 80$ USD)

When I was about to give my papers I had some small issues with the korean girl at the counter. You never know if they don’t know what they are doing (how many Mexicans apply for korean visas anyway) or if they are just trying to make you nervous to see if you are up to something.

  • In any case first problem was she said I didn’t need a VISA. After explaining here (twice) what I was going to do and which specific kind of visa I was requesting and the reasons behind it she finally accepted I needed a visa.
  • Second, she started arguing that I couldn’t get a VISA because I didn’t purchased a round trip flight (which was true). however after explaining her how expensive it was to buy ticket from Mx to Korea and letting her know that I might extend my studies while in Korea she let me go on this one.

After our little chit-chat she just took my documents told me to come in 5 days. I didn’t knew if it has been approved or what would happen.

The overall experience was ok, however since she asked so me nay things so many times I was nervous they wouldn’t approve my VISA and that I’ll had to cancel all my arrangements.



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