Guide to get into Yonsei KLI

Last time I wrote about the reasons behind going to Yonsei KLI to learn Korean. This time I’ll write about how to get there.

  1. I would strongly recommend going into Yonsei KLI website and hit the english link at top right corner.
  2. Register. Click on the blue box at the top left of the page.  You’ll have to fill up a form.
  3. After registration, log-in (using the same blue box). Click the KLI Programs Apply now button. (just below the blue box).
  4. I chose Regular Program but you might be interested in the University Korean Program (which is basically the same program but more intensive and suited for people that want to go to university after program completion).
  5. On the next page you’ll have to fill out some basic info on the program and dates you want to take, also you’ll have to write down an essay on the purpose of studying Korean and future plans.
  6. After correct application submission the screening process will take place. It took almost a week for my application to be reviewed. When the process was completed I got an email from Yonsei KLI stating that i had passed the screening. Also included in this email was the payment information. If you are intending to stay more than 90 days then it is important to request a  Certificate of Admission for a student visa (D-4), this kind of VISA can be extended while in Korea.
  7. With the payment information go to a bank and make a wire transfer (most important data to make the transfer is to have the swift code and the account number correctly).
  8. Once you have the receipt of the payment, sent it back (email should be enough), after a couple of days they will be able to review the payment on their account and they will send the admission package (including the certificate) by mail. I asked them to send me a pdf electronic copy just for safe keeping.
  9. The package arrived about 15 days after it was sent (Korea to Mexico). If you need to get the package let them know to sent it through a certified parcel such as Fedex or DHL.
  10. At this point you’re admitted and you are ready to go and get your Korean D-4 VISA.

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