Moving in: Yonsei SK Global House

Yesterday I’had to move out from my 1st month residence in Mok-dong to establish myself at my new room in the SK Global house building at Yonsei University. This is the story…My day began at 8:30 I woke up for the last time in my tiny bed at md multihouse in Mok-dong. I had decided to make 2 trips to the university dorms. On the first trip I would be taking my lafuma blu backpack with most of the heavy things, all my electronics and everything I could manage to fin in that 50 liter backpack. So after packing all my stuff I started the trip.

Getting to the dorm was not new to me since I had been able to spot the building on my prior trip to the university. I only had to take two trains to get there. I chose to take the trains at 9:30 i thought at that time there wouldn’t be a lot of people in them and I was correct. Once I got to the Sinchon station (this is the closest station to Yonsei) I started walking up hill all the way to the east entrance of Yonsei, and finally to the SK Global house. The building seems to be pretty new as it look modern and clean, on the inside a young women took care of my papers, gave me a “manual” and my key. With my key in hand I headed to my room. 3rd floor room 355. On my way there I could see that other rooms had name tags with the nationality flag of the occupant, that seemed quite exciting however when I got to mine there was no name tag. Anyway I got inside and found my new room. It is quite bigger than my room in Mok-dong, probably 3 times bigger, however I would be sharing with another mate so lets say its 1.5 in my space. On the down side, I no longer have in-room fridge nor TV. Bed is way more comfortable than before, and now I even got a pillow (for about a month I slept without a pillow and believe me is not a good idea, after one night with pillow back I think I would never endure pillow-less sleep again). In any case new room is nice and I think I’ll be able to get use to it really soon, also is conveniently located in front of the building where I’ll held most of classes (if not all).

Today also my roommate arrived he seems to be a good person. He doesn’t speaks english or at least he didn’t spoke to me a lot. I don’t really know, I didn’t had big chance to talk to him. In any case if he doesn’t communication is going to be really interesting on the bright side maybe I’ll be able to practice more korean as the means to communicate with him.

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