Vocabulary @ Yonsei KLI

Studying for Vocabulary test

Studying for Vocabulary test

It’s been a wild ride since the beginning of these 4 weeks at the Yonsei regular program. I’ll be elaborating on the program as I can but at this time I’ll talk specifically about how we learn vocabulary.

Vocabulary is the foundation of most languages. Think of vocabulary as knowing the meaning, sound, and writing of the word/idea.

For the beginner in any language one of the first problems to overcome is learning a whole new set of words for that new language. How can you learn the grammar when you don’t know the words to write? Here in Yonsei the students start learning vocabulary right after a phonetics introduction (about day 3). Book lessons usually include 2 or 3 sets of grammar rules and 10-15 core vocabulary words. The pace at the program is quite fast as every week a student is required to learn 100-120 words, besides the grammar rules.

As practice, every week theres a vocabulary test held at the end of one of the 4 periods of class we have a day. In these test the student is given the definition of a word (in english,chinese, or japanese) and he is expected to write the korean word in korean characters. No word bank is provided. So either you know it or you don’t. On the bright side of things these test aren’t graded and they just provide feedback to the student so he knows how much vocabulary he has mastered.

About the picture: I have always struggled learning orthography and new words (even in my native language). Usually I employ the repetition method to learn new words. However after several list of words I have realized that this method is not working for me anymore. So I acquired a whiteboard in other to practice in other ways… And yes I know my korean handwriting looks the same as a 5 year old’s…


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