Why Yonsei KLI ?

Yonsei KLI (Korean Language institute) is the language school of Yonsei University. Yonsei is among the top 5 universities in Korea.

Why would I choose Y-KLI over other language schools? Well this is the process i followed.

  1. I needed a language school officially accepted by the K-goverment, so I could apply for a general training visa (D-4). While talking with the K-consulate they gave me the following link to several language schools. After reviewing the site I could see that most of the language schools belonged to a university.
  2. After reviewing the list of languages institutes, I made an excel spreadsheet where I would analyze the cons and pros of every option.
  3. The filters I applied to select schools where the following (in desc. priority order):
    1. English web-friendly webpage. If a school doesn’t care in getting its customers attention and give them the proper information to get into their institute in an easy way then they don’t care about my business and so I shall look somewhere else. (This ruled out about 50% of the schools).
    2. Inscription time-frame. I already had booked my MTY-SEL flight once and I had previously changed because of VISA issues, I wouldn’t do it again so I ruled out the schools that wouldn’t meet my deadline or that i wouldn’t meet theirs.
    3. Cost. At the time of this post the tuition for a 3-month course at YKLI was 1,600,000 KRW (about 1,400 USD). This seemed somewhat expensive for me but its seems to be a pretty standard rate compared to other institutes and doing the calculations the rate per hour is 7 USD (the 3 month term is composed of 200 hours of class). In comparison most private english teachers in Korea charge 15-25 use per hour. So I think 7/hr rate is just fine.
    4. Goal. My immedaite goal is to learn Korean while a lot of people have told me that korean is not easy (I never said it is), the program last of 1.5 years, At this time I think I can manage to finance 1 year without getting any job. That means 4 out of 6 terms which by the course description will give me enough Korean background to communicate on an everyday basis. Finally Yonsei has some interesting  EE (electronic engineering) graduate programs which I might consider to apply to once I get proficient in Korean.
    5. Recommendation. I had the opportunity to talk with a Korean while I was back home and he recommended Yonsei as one of the best universities and as one with the most active international student exchange programs.

So basically this were the reasons behind my reasons to study Korean at Yonsei. I hope they make sense to you and if you ever need to study at a language schools they can provided a basis for your choice.

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