2012 London Olympics Soccer Mexico

While in Korea summer came and with it the 2012 London olympic games. For a couple of weeks there where soccer games and as a good Mexican I had to support my team. The tournaments match line up couldn’t be better special being in Korea and having lots of Japanese friends.

  1. Mexico 0 – 0 Korea (July-26)  

Opening match of the games. The game itself was good however there were no surprises. Both teams played well. Personally I think Korea was superior overall. However soccer is a game of Goals and not superiority. A result that left both countries with a sour taste.

  1. Mexico 2 – 0 Gabon (July-29)

Not a solid opinion on this match. Goals where scored by “dos Santos at 63′ and 92′.

  1. Mexico 1 – 0 Switzerland (August-1)

The only goal of the match was scored by Peralta at 69′.

  1. Mexico 4 – 2 Senegal (August-4)

A match with many goals the board was opened by Enríquez at 10′ followed by Aquino at 62′. The Senegal team did their best at 69′ with a goal from Konaté followed by a tied 2 – 2 with another goal by Baldé at 76′. None the less Mexico had a come back and scored again two times dos Santos at 98′ and Cortés at 93′.  A really tense match with a favorable end for my team. 

  1. Mexico 3 – 1 Japan (August-7)

This is the moment where Mexico tied the game !!!

A favorite match of mine. yes I’m in Korea nonetheless most of my friends nowadays are Japanese so on August 7 we went to a restaurant to enjoy of this game where bets where made. Otsu made a goal at 12′ which put myself on the edge of the seat. just imagine being bullied by my 5 Japanese friends. Future was unclear and I thought everything was lost, none the less at 31′ Fabián gave us hope before the halftime. Once the game restarted Peralta at 65′ and Cortés at 93′ gave us two goals to seal the game and give Mexico the pass to the final. People on the restaurant were excited by the crazy Mexican cheers. At the end was a good night for my people.

  1. Mexico 2 – 1 Brazil (August-11) 

Gold match!!! a first for the Mexican delegation. honestly I didn’t thought they will pull it off. But they did. At minute 1′ Peralta score the first goal that will rise the tension among the brazilian players. At 75′ he scored once more to what was a game characterized by a Brazilian offensive attacking over and over the Mexican goal. At 91′ brazilians saw their first goal in this match and put everyone on their seats edges. At the end there was not enough time and Mexico won their first gold medal in soccer at an olympic games.

Here is a short video of me cheering  my team at the Mexico – Brazil match. At that moment the score was 1 – 0 in favor of Mexico. 

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