A new place to call home

After a long trip (37 hours… including layovers of course). I made into Incheon International Airport. There I’ll meet a friend that would take me to the place I will be staying for one month in Korea. We used the train from the airport the mtr station, then we followed or course until we finally arrived to Monkdong station. Then we headed for a couple of blocks by foot and finally made it into the building. Once we got inside and took the elevator we made it to the “multihouse” rooms. My friend (who is Korean) would do the talking for me. I was shown the rooms and then handed the money (Monthly rent is around 400 USD including services and internet).

It is a nice place, even when rooms are “small” to my used standard I have found them comfortable (I don’t have too much stuff anyway). There is a common kitchen (free noodle is available to cook), and a washing machine.

I haven’t been able to talk to the other people staying and theres not a lot of noise so it been nice. I’ll let you see by yourself.

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