A visit to the pharmacy 약국 @ Sinchon

Korean Cold Medicine

Korean Cold Medicine

Seoul weather is crazy. One day its hot and the next day cold, rainy and  crazy windy. After so many weather changes and because of the lack of sleep and proper alimentation my body has finally given up. I caught a cold.

All proper medication was left at home, so my only chance was to get some medicine in Korea. Thanks to the help of a friend I figured out how to ask for the needed pills “감기약”. So my adventure to get them started. 

Little I would know about pharmacy “약국” operating hours. You see convenience stores are all over Seoul, the same with pharmacies. Since convenience stores are 24/7 and since pharmacies back home are also 24/7 I never thought to be different. I was so wrong. I start my medicine quest at night only to discover that the 4-5 drugstores nearby where all closed…

Anyway next day in the afternoon I went once more, this time the store was open. I enter the place to be greeted by the store clerks. Immediately I approach her, I say “감기약” and point my hand to my nose. She couldn’t speak english. She starts speaking korean and I just nod my head like I usually do when I can’t figure out what is being said to me. She brings a box of pills and with her hands tells me that I should take 2 pills 3 times a day.   We laugh at our hand conversation, I’m given 3 “tea” powder bags that I should take as well. I pay and left the place…

The faces and orange at the cover of the box tells me I got what I was looking for, its always amazing how we can rely on other ways of communication when language its insufficient….

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