Everland (에버랜드)

Taking advantage of a school holiday the KLI girls and I decided to go and take a ride to Everland. This is the biggest theme park in Korea and its located close enough to Seoul that it is possible to go and come on the same day. One bus away (long ride though) from the Gangnam bus stop you’ll get easily there.The park is quite big and offers the best rides in Korea. The best ride belongs to a classic (wooden made and cart ride) roller coaster called T-Express. The whole park is quite big (if compared to Lotte World) the top rides are about 8 however there is a bunch of other rides (for the middle and many for the little). The facilities also include a series of restaurants must of them are themed. So if you go to the italian one you wont find korean food or vice versa. In any case there are also lots of little snack tents where you can get refreshments and hot dogs, chicken etc…

Since it is summer there was a bunch of people but not to many, we had to wait about 30 minutes on the best rides and 15-20 mins on the average ones. Heat was crazy however there are several fans that spray water and are conveniently located throughout the park.

There are several shows, however the 2 biggest at this time was a fairy themed one where fairy will play with water guns. The crowd is given ponchos to wear and can buy water guns to “shoot” into the show. The other show was staged inside an auditorium and was themed after the Madagascar movie. Unfortunately we couldn’t watch the show.

Another of the amenities is a Safari where they have several lions, tigers and bears. The ride last for about 10 minutes. It consist on a big windowed bus ride and animals conveniently located on both sides of the track. You can see the animals from really close distance. The bears in particular are trained to do some tricks and receive a cookie treat from the bus driver.

The price of the park is a bit expensive, and being a foreign is a good thing since they will make a discount (for some reason I still don’t know) none the less we still payed about 32,000 KRW to get inside. The prices for the food inside are not to bad. One thing I have notice of Korean theme parks is that they check for your ticket in every single ride. It is kind of annoying as you have to take it out from your pocket, it will be better if they used bracelets.

If you have the time and the spirit to wait some average long times for a 2 minute ride then this is a must on Korea. If theme parks aren’t your thing you will probably be better downtown Seoul watching some other things.

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