Jeongseon (정선)

On the weekend I was invited by one of my friends for a trip to Jeongseon. I was glad to accept. We left Seoul Saturday at about 9 am. The highway on the outskirts of Seoul was packed as expected. The trip will include some sight seeing, with caves, “skywalks”, waterfall, some unique korean food and of course bbq and soju.

Korea has conveniently set rest areas in its major highways, I was really surprised as this areas often include more than 5 fast food restaurants/coffe shops, convenience store and even clothes and gear stores. both rest areas we stopped by wear neat and looked quite new I may add.

Our first official stops was for having Bibimbap. One of the korean dishes I been eating more during may stay in Korea. The special thing about this bibimbap is the green vegetable you seen in the picture. As i been told this is the only place where you can find this kind of bibimbap with this vegetable. Food was good.


The second stop was to see the “sky walk” which was basically a glass corridor at the edge of a mountain where you can walk and see through the floor. The view was pretty exiting. There is even a river in the horizon and a small “Korean shaped peninsula”.


After the skywalk we went into the caves. Inside the caves we would find a couple of stalactites and stalagmites as well as the rests of an old mine. The tour is good however, the stalactites and stalagmites at Grutas de García back home are way more stunning since they are bigger and i thing there are more of them. However its interesting to see how things are in other places to appreciate what we have back home. For example in this korean caves a section has been setup with animatronics of korean ghosts (little goblins with one horn) so the tour is more appealing for kids and some explanation of minerals in rocks. I even found a couple of rocks sent from  México.

After the caves we went to a small coffee shop located near the place where we will sleep. The shop is small but the coffee is great and the best part is that you get to grind your own coffee. They even got kopi luwak however this time I hesitated to try it.

Then we arrived at out destination where we would enjoy a korean barbecue. since the weather was too cold at night after dinner we moved indoors where some of the guys will then start singing and dancing to some old popular kpop songs.

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