Lotte World (롯데월드)

Lotte World is a theme park owned by the Lotte Company. You see Korea is virtually owned by 3-5 companies. One of them is Lotte. Don´t believe me, well lets say many of the products found in convenience stores are made or traded by Lotte. The company even has its own fast food restaurants named after the company!!! (The famous Lotteria) Back to the theme park, it is conveniently located next to the Jamsil subway station. From the subway station take exit 4 you’ll first encounter the shopping mall. Yes one of the amazing, great, and sometimes sad things of Korea is that you can spend a whole life without even seeing daylight. Once you are inside the shopping mall (which also hosts a skating ring) you’ll be able to find the entrance to Lotte World. The park is divided into 2 main sections Adventure and Magic Island


This is the indoor area of the park and hosts several restaurants, a concert stage, and many medium to small rides. Most of them for the younger ones. Ever wanted to do a hot air balloon ride? Well you can ride a simulated one here. This is one of the rides you’ll notice first as you’ll see the balloons hanging from the celling following a path through this section of the park. There is also an indoor roller coaster. Please check on your day of visit as usually theres a laser and fireworks show held at certain times.

Magic Island

For the grown ups this might be the best part of the park. Located outside the shopping mall, and available through a connecting bridge lies the outdoor portion of the park best known as Magic Island. here you’ll find a “medieval” castle with some armor reproductions as well as the best rides of the park. The best rides are:

  • Atlantis: Ride a car at about 70 km/hr.
  • Gyro Swing: A spinning pendulum based ride.
  • Gyro Drop: A 100 km/hr free fall.
  • Bungee Drop: 3 Vertical drops.
  • Waikiki Wave: A twist and turn ride.

The park is well organized and there are snacks and restaurant all over the place. The prices for food are surprisingly not bad, usually theme parks are known for charging crazy amounts of money for snacks. Lotte World is not the case. Also if you arrive after 4 pm entrance fee is cut and if you use a card of affiliated banks you’ll get even a better discount. For example the day I visit the park we where able to get our admission ticket for just 10,000 KRW just because we used a Woori Bank card.

I would definitely go back some day as I was not able to enjoy all the park due to the fact that we arrived about 6 pm. the whole experiences was great and I even was able to win a prize in one of those famous claw-game machines. It doesn’t gets any better than this.



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