Ultra Music Festival UMF @ Korea 2012

One thing is for sure, and that is that life wouldn’t be the same without music. Certainly my trip in Korea has been full of it. This year has been a comeback for me to the electronic scenes. First going to the World Dj Festival followed by a weekly dose of clubs and now with UMF. We got our tickets way early since we wanted to make sure we would get them. In Korea there is a usual practice of selling tickets in batches, and tickets for big events like this one “fly”. Anyway we got our tickets, the venue Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. The line-up was amazing (Just look at the flyer :D). Two days of electronic music banging our ears. Day 1-  Was dominated by the sounds of the nowadays popular dubstep (which I don’t love nor despise). The comments from the people was that Aoki didn’t performed as expected. In any case I went there late from work and was not in a party mood at 100% nonetheless had fun for a couple of hours after joining the gang.

Day 2- The moment we waited for so long. I had a blast during Chukie’s performance but saved some energy for Tiesto and Cox. Most of my friends went to the festival for Tiesto while I did to hear Carl Cox. I was really upset when I saw they scheduled Cox and Tiesto at the same time. I missed Cox aperture since I stupidly went to a third stage, then I went to see Tiesto until the end. In one word AMAZING even when the rave culture in Korea is a bit strange and I still don’t get all of it one thing is sure and that is they are crazy, and full of energy, wether they play their noisy whistles or just jump up and down. Once the show was over we went to rest a bit to the now-still-performing-without-a-crowd 3rd stage. We then moved and where able to hear Cox last couple of tracks.

Once the whole show was down we leave the premises nonetheless our body kept asking for more so we went to the Social Club Seoul a chilling after located in Sinsa, Seoul. The place has good music, that particular day was not crowded which is a +10 on my book. What is more important beside the good drinks at reasonable prices they serve, they have the most delicious french fries I have tasted on a club. We where there until early hours (around 4:00 am) the time at which you could see us running on the streets while singing: “Im singing in the rain” (or whatever the name of that song is…) In any case subway will not start running till 5-ish. So we did what any reasonable person will do going for a McBreakfast in Gangnam. Latter on I will find myself doing the walk of shame back home. Great night, great friends as usual, and lots of fun.


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