World DJ Festival 6 @ YangPyeong

I had the opportunity to visit the World DJ Festival in its 6 edition celebrated in Yanpyeong on May. This festival brings some of the top DJs in the world to Korea on a 2 day trip deep into house, trance, hip hop and rock. Most of the audience is comprised by young Seoulites; none the less there is a large number of foreigns enjoying the festival as well. The festival is held in a Sport Complex which basically is a big vast flat green area, perfect for a rave. My experience on the festival was great, the atmosphere is incredible and most of the people attending are cool and friendly. 




The most difficult part of this trip was getting the tickets. To get the tickets you have to log into the korean website of the festival then look for the english portion of it where you had to submit a form. After doing so you’ll have to wire money into the specified account in the website. Getting a confirmation took more than 2-3 weeks. Besides this if you wanted to rent a tent and sleeping bags, you where required to do a similar process but in one of the sub-links of the site.

Day One 

We bought bus tickets from the festival webpage, so Saturday morning we had to wake up early and meet at a bus station near Sinchon to hop into the bus. 3.5 hours later we will arriving the fetival ticket boots. The security at our entrance time was not really tight just a superficial inspection of the bags was held, then we had to get our bracelets for the festival entrance and camping zone. This process was a slow and tedious. In our case it wasn’t that bad however we where some of the first persons to arrived, I can’t imagine the long queue waiting Sunday afternoon to get in. Once in we went straight into the camping zone where we where given our sleeping bags and told basically to choose any tent we wanted.  We proceed to take one of the tents for our group.

After settling down we then moved into the festival zone where we had some refreshing drinks that where in plastic bags and had a cord that enabled us to carry them hanging from the neck. We got some sausages as snacks and started wondering around the stages and the several food and sponsor boots. After a while we then got a bucket of vodka+red bull (was the best deal out there) and proceed to one of the secondary stages for a while. There where 3 main stages, 2 of them open and one of them inside a tent. After a while in the tent stage we decided to go outside to one of the main stages.

Day Two

We woke up late on Sunday, most of our neighbors had left their tents to get food. There was an abrupt change in the weather. In just 15 minutes it went from sunny awesome day into dark evil storm day. Rain came, and before we knew it wind came. 5 minutes later we would be inside our tent holding it down looking at out scared faces as we could hear the thunder and see the tent illuminate by the bolts. I opened the tent just to see how bad it looked outside. Ran was heavy but suddenly I realized just as it happened in front of my aways that the boots where been thorn apart by the strong winds, outside 30-40% of the tents where either gone or just destroyed. People was coming back running just to find that all their belonging had been carried away with their tents. In some cases never to be found. We came out to make our tent more secure, and also saved some other tents from being browned away. During the next hour we would spend our time helping others rebuilding their tents. The main stage of the festival collapsed. The whole situation ended happily: making new good friends and sharing food, booze and stories. The music finally came back the performing DJs on the main stage where distributed on the stages left and so the day continued. Performances where phenomenal and the crowd was also great. My friends and I got the chance to be on 1st row for most of the DJs we cared about and so the whole World DJ Fest (Korea) was a success for me.

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